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Sharepoint Intranet Examples To Inspire And Delight

Six SharePoint On-Premises versions had a tile-based default view that rarely attracted users. Click Edit to edit the home page and add content as needed, and click Publish when you are finished. The example below shows a page with text web parts, a quick links web part with custom images, and a people web part. For more information on editing modern site pages, see Add or remove columns on a page, and Using web parts on SharePoint Online pages.

No need to spend hours switching apps to search for information. Second, social features should go together with business features, without residing in an entirely separate part of the intranet. It is a good idea to place some catchy social web parts directly on the home page. For example, those can be birthdays, awards, best-performing employees, or ads posted by employees. Every SharePoint site requires proper management to prevent messy content, poor usage, or performance issues.

SharePoint site examples

User feedback can also help you reduce the need for complex intranet integrations that lack value. By watching users interact with a design prototype or a mockup, you might realize that they are indifferent to complex widgets you thought would be valuable. It’s tempting to open SharePoint and use vanilla templates to put together a mockup and show it to users and executives.

However, since we’re focusing on making an employee HR portal, choose Communication Site. Posting it can inform employees of your plans and get them excited for future events. Examples include the company’s future seminars and training programs for employees. Some employees will ask you about retirement, insurance, and other similar concerns. Post the links to external websites that lead to those topics.

Lets Move Intranet

If you are a global/ SharePoint admin then only you can create a hub site. Viewers can view the news if they have permission to access it. Here we will discuss the features of SharePoint hub site.

Those can be CRMs, ERPs, LMSs, time tracking, project and quality management solutions, corporate storages, or other systems. What I mean by department site , is the employee-facing site. Using how to create a SharePoint site the HR example above, Human Resources might want to have a place to share content with the rest of the employees (i.e., company handbook, policies, links, company holidays, news and events).

Usually, a home page represents a compilation of generally available content, the same for all employees. To keep in step with employees’ expectations, think about web parts with personalized content that would be the most relevant for this or that employee. Those can come as pre-sorted news feeds, recommended blogs, community updates, etc. Another big challenge is that the out-of-the-box home page found in SharePoint is lackluster. There is a long way to go from a default view to a fully customized layout.

SharePoint site examples

With additional help from SharePoint consultants, MySites can become fully functional digital workplaces. So if you are a SharePoint Server owner, don’t overlook this great feature and make it part of your intranet. Team sites in SharePoint are the most popular components.

So, in this article, we would like to share various examples and free templates of a modern SharePoint intranet and discuss the latest capabilities you should be aware of. Third, social features and full social sites need the same level of moderation and management as typical business sites. If you aren’t ready to support, develop, and manage the social part of your intranet, it will hardly bring any benefits. First of all, it makes sense to introduce social features only when all business-related features are already in place.

Team Sites In Sharepoint Online

When you are setting up your SharePoint site, you may find that your team needs a certain look or special feature that even the Microsoft templates cannot provide. You may also want this view to be enabled across allof your SharePoint sites to create a consistent collaborative experience. Once saved, these templates can be shared with team members and other organizations from the Web Designer Solutions Gallery. Microsoft itself provides a large selection of site templates to get you started. These templates each focus on a specific function to best assist collaboration and increase efficiency. A complete list of the different types of SharePoint Site templates Microsoft has created can be found here.

You have to assign site owners and managers among other technical and non-technical staff and grant them relevant permissions. It also implies timely clean-ups of unused sites, their upgrade or migration, if needed. Notably in SharePoint Server you may want to customize every inch of the out-of-the-box sites. First of all, SharePoint is evolving very quickly, with many features being released regularly. So you might spend time on tailoring functionality that will be made available next month. To be on the safe side, always keep up with the Microsoft SharePoint development roadmap.

It’ll save you time instead of addressing their problems one by one and discussing them in-depth. You can also create private folders for every employee. These are secure folders accessible only by the HR staff and the manager. Here, you can provide overtime tracking and check the clocking in and out of each employee. You can also place performance reviews in these folders for employees to see in private. Only a few people can modify the data on the employee portal, making it easier to govern.

  • There is a ton of integration options with SharePoint Online to customize your experience even further.
  • Ultimately they sent me the updated app which solved the issue completely.
  • Enterprise Search Find everything easier from knowledge and documents to people and policies – whatever you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Six SharePoint On-Premises versions had a tile-based default view that rarely attracted users.
  • Custom corporate colors and a theme keep the design on-brand.

Communication tools to connect dispersed employees and volunteers. Personalized newsfeed, content and training suggestions for higher accessibility of useful content. Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends. Great set of features, different layouts like Cards, Icon and List view.

How Can I Measure Sharepoint Online User Engagement?

This way, a team site can become a hub for learning, project, quality and knowledge management, among other domains that unite broad employee groups. Before analyzing specific SharePoint intranet examples, it is important to say that you won’t find two similar intranets even if they are based on the same platform or pre-tuned intranet template. Because every company has its unique corporate culture, different types of teams, communication and collaboration processes, as well as IT capacities.

SharePoint site examples

SharePoint communication site having large numbers of viewers/readers/consumers and fewer content writers. Here we will discuss the difference between SharePoint communication site and hub site. SharePoint hub site created by SharePoint admin or Global admin.

Sharepoint Intranet Design

Employees can enroll into a relevant training via an intranet. Every EPC Group design projects kicks off with a discovery process, during which we uncover valuable insights about your business. Prior to planning your website design, the EPC Group team will gather intelligence regarding your target audience, sales strategy, and short and long-term goals. Our Microsoft consulting firm has delivered 1000’s of solutions and training for organizations across North America and the world. Contact us to see how you can benefit from having ESW on your team. Sometimes you need a more robust app than just a straight-forward SharePoint list.

SharePoint site examples

It has drop-down menus at the top of the page that employees can use to explore all things career, company, services and support, pay and benefits, management, and marketing-related. The company currently operates in more than 40 countries with 11,500 employees so having a fantastic intranet isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity. VELUX digital workplace is another excellent SharePoint intranet site example that’s worth talking about. It needs to reflect the company’s personality, purpose, and values.

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It also has a personalization feature, search tools, and specialized tabs for news, resources, communities, and company-wide information. Duke Energy chose to align its SharePoint intranet with the company culture with the goal of creating a positive employee experience across the organization. The site houses company news, calendar, code of practice, directory, links to important corporate resources, events and reminders, and more.

The Complete Guide To Creating An Hr Sharepoint Site

News web part is a great way to share the latest development and critical news and milestones with the team. More info on how to take advantage of this web part in this post. The most important thing is to keep your business needs and employee preferences or work habits in mind as you construct your own intranet solution. These SharePoint intranet examples show there’s a lot that you can do with your corporate workplace platform. Users can search for employees by position, name, availability, and hire date using the staff directory.

At the top of the page, there are sections covering the organization’s missions and employee orientation for onboarding new hires. Although the interface of this SharePoint intranet example isn’t a knockout in the looks department, it still gets most things right. It serves as a one-stop hub for everything human resources. Employees can easily navigate to these pages to find relevant information. There’s also a handy search bar at the top of the screen to help people locate desired info swiftly. It’s a shining example of how you can create compelling SharePoint intranet site designs that are in line with your company’s mission and needs.

Use Visuals When Possible In Your Sharepoint Design

I just wanted to thank you for enabling this feature which has allowed us to customise the layout, fields and text on the card view layout. It has let us reorder and tweak the display of the cards to better fit our needs and the process to make the changes is simple and clear – a huge improvement over what could be done before. Really appreciate you adding functionality that gives real control over the app, this has made a useful app even better.

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