“It is what you learn after you know it all that really counts” -John Wooden

Management Training

This 2-day management training program is for new managers and a refresher course for experienced managers.  It was developed based on our 25 years collective experience as front-line pharmaceutical Managers. This is an outstanding, down-to-earth, practical course on being an effective front-line manager.

The Training Course Includes:

    1. How to write and what to include in Representative Trip Reports
    2. Interviewing and Hiring—questions to ask and what response to look for
    3. Adjusting to a new Management position
    4. Coaching, Counseling and how to conduct Reviews
    5. Building working relationships with Representatives
    6. Communication—voicemail, email, one-on-one and how to continue to motivate your Representatives
    7. Team Building—what works and what doesn’t work
    8. The Elements of Management
    9. Pearls of Wisdom

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