“It is what you learn after you know it all that really counts” -John Wooden

What People Are Saying About Us.

“At the earliest stage of my career in pharmaceuticals, Ron coached and mentored me and got me off on the right foot for what has turned into a great + 30 year career in this industry. Ron’s excellent sales leadership experience and inspiring coaching had a huge impact on the trajectory of my career.”

“I have worked with Ron for many years as both his client and his colleague. Ron’s “understanding the science first” is not only effective but is why Ron is respected by scientists, physicians, and business development professionals throughout the healthcare industry. In addition, Ron understands the value of maintaining a professional network long after the initial sale. As Ron used to tell me on a regular basis “you can never have too many friends”. Ron’s experience and approach to product commercialization is something every professional in healthcare can benefit from.”

“I think all three books are excellent and finally someone actually speaks to what it is like to sell in this industry. I quit reading this type of stuff because it was just the same old theories and best practices repackaged with very little actionable substance. You actually speak to what needs to be done to bring value to customers and drive business.”

"Ron Sheeley and Paul Snyder have been at the heart of pharmaceutical sales during the 40 years that I have known them. They have developed structured methods to analyse and understand clinical and practice management needs of clinicians and of their patients whilst developing insightful clinical case examples and using scientific evidence to bring a product’s benefits alive. Their first hand experience in sales and sales management spans diverse therapeutic areas and healthcare delivery channels which enables them to develop insightful innovative approaches regardless of the challenges faced. I have known both for over 40 years and their enthusiasm for innovating to make the sales professional more effective has never wanted. "

As a highly successful sales executive Ron Sheeley understands the critical skills necessary to impact sales goals. Ron's expertise in developing specific sales strategies and building teams has been well documented with his career long successes in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. I recommend Ron to anyone looking to maximize their sales force teams.

Change can be hard at times. But when Ron Sheeley became my new sales manager, the change was a welcomed event! With laser precision, Ron used the available data to target my efforts in the most productive manner. I was traveling all over my territory in Illinois, spinning my wheels and in my first coaching session, he focused my efforts toward the most productive physicians who could really benefit from the information I had to share. It was the first of many ways he transformed my performance and my professional presentations to my key audience. Ron became my manager, coach, and mentor for my career. His coaching extended to all aspects of my development and the building of a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sales, which ultimately led to my promotion to Hospital District Manager. His leadership and teaching skills showed me how to build strong teams, motivate sales representatives and effectively use the data and scientific literature to speak intelligently with physicians in this industry. I have watched his ability to propel the careers of those he mentored leading them to highly successful careers. For those new to pharmaceutical sales, these books will be a valuable resource. And for those wanting to transform their field forces into well respected top producers, hands-on coaching and consulting will be a key differentiator among the competition! Ron's techniques raise the bar, keeping this very difficult and scientific dialogue with physicians a true sharing of knowledge!

These books are awesome! I can’t think of two better people to provide insight into the industry than you and Paul. You guys are the absolute masters and all of us that had the privilege and good fortune to work for you, well, we were so lucky to those life changing experiences, I know you guys made a huge impact on my life at such a critical time and i will be forever grateful. I can see the same wisdom can be found in your book on selling, managing and changing lives as you always have. You guys are the best!

In 25 years of pharmaceutical sales, Ron Sheeley was ‘hands on’ my best manager. Ron pushed each one of us to be the best we could be. Before popularity of ‘strength identification’ Ron found what motivated each Representative

I was extremely fortunate to have Ron Sheeley and Paul Snyder as mentors and coaches when I started my pharmaceutical sales career 35 years ago. They ingrained in me that knowledge, preparation and professionalism are paramount in establishing a strong foundation for future success. The multitude of pearls of wisdom I gleaned from them are still very much applicable to this day So excited that Ron and Paul have put to paper their many years of key learnings and insight. Ron and his teamencompass advanced management principles, thought leader development and effective selling skills. What makes Ron’s team stand out is their innate ability to tailor their vast knowledge and extensive experiences to the audience they are teaching. If you are looking to take your team to that next level of development….. I highly recommend Sheeley Consulting.

"Over thirty years ago, Ron Sheeley hired me fresh out of college to begin an unforeseen future in sales. "Reprint Ron" was his nickname and selling based on irrefutable science was at the heart of his sales philosophy. All these years later, everything Ron taught me is as true today as it was then. For instance, keeping your customer at the center of all selling efforts creates transparency which builds trust and long term relationships. It doesn't matter what you sell, at the end of the day you need to understand pain, budget, timing, and authority. And i will never forget a friendly conversation is not the definition of a sales opportunity. Conduct business first when you call on a provider, and chit-char after if time permit. Since my time with Ron, I have gone on to build global sales teams based on this bedrock of knowledge in the field of precision medicine. I will always be grateful for chance Ron took with me and the principles he instilled

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